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Los Padres Beach

Los Padres Beach

67585 CA-1
Big Sur, CA 93920
Phone: 831-667-2315
35.945837, -121.476598
[BetterWeather location=”35.945837, -121.476598″ location_name=”Los Padres Beach” style=”normal” next_days=”off” bg_type=”static” bg_color=”#ffffff” font_color=”#adadad” unit=”F”]

 Personal Experience: Out of all the jaw-dropping scenic spots along Big Sur’s coast, what set this apart?  Well, I am not a connoisseur of Big Sur (yet) but I can say that what I enjoyed about this area is 1) there was nobody else there but us, 2) it is still beautiful in comparison to the other beaches and 3) We were accompanied by a handful of condors!  It added a very mystical touch having these large birds hanging out with us amongst the sea and fog.  I am nicknaming it Condor Beach because of this. This area seemed to be their territory.

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