Harmony Borax Works

Harmony Borax Works

Borax Mill Road

Death Valley, CA 92328

36.48003, -116.87335

Hike: .25 mile loop    Level: Easy

Kid-Friendly: Yes    Dog-Friendly: No


The Harmony Borax Works is a well-preserved mining site which was in use in the late 1800’s.  It is said to be an outdoor museum of sorts due to the fantastic preservation of the artifacts thanks to the natural dry weather in Death Valley.

To visit the site, you will walk along a short, paved loop which has illustrated panels along the way telling stories of the site’s rich past.  Borax was once known as white gold to the miners and was heavily mined in this region

The Harmony Borax Works was constructed to process the borax before it was hauled away on a twenty-mule team wagon toward the train depot in Kelso, which is now the visitor center for Mojave National Preserve.

Borates, which are salt minerals, could be found in ancient lake beds in the area.  They would uplift and erode into yellow Furnace Creek Badlands. Once water dissolved the borates, the water would carry the borates to the Death Valley floor, where they crystalized as borax.