Newport Beach Pirate House

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35th St & Marcus Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92663

33.61941777895003, -117.93153445084586

Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes

**NOTE: This is a private residency so please respectfully observe the exterior**


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About the Newport Beach Pirate House: 

It appears that Orange County has a bit of a coastal pirate theme based around it!  First there was the Pirate Tower located in Victoria Beach, which consists of a Rapunzel-esque tower looming over the sea.  Now there is an actual pirate-themed residency that looks like it was created by one of Disney’s Imagineers!

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I am yet to find much information on the owner himself and the inspiration behind this theme, but just looking at his home brings plenty of thoughts to the table.  I did learn that his name is Van and he is extremely kind and interesting.  I definitely want to meet him one day and hopefully grab a photo of him in front of his house!

I’m going to guess that Van is a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean and has visited Disneyland many times. This home should bring out the child in everyone I would hope.  There seems to be a pretty intense scene playing out as the home gets ransacked by pirates.  They are even on the roof and in boats along the canal outside of his home!

For now I am going to leave this article vague because I am really hoping to land an interview with Van one day to help learn about all the inspirations behind his fascinating pirate house!

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