Henry Miller Library

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48603 California 1
Big Sur, CA 93920

36.221024, -121.753737

(831) 667-2574

Dog-Friendly: Outside, yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes


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About the Henry Miller Library

If you ever find yourself in the enchanting Big Sur and are also into art culture, definitely add the Henry Miller Library to your itinerary! Located in the thick of Big Sur’s redwood forest is this historical library dedicated to late writer and artist, Henry Miller.

The Henry Miller Library is technically a nonprofit arts center, going far beyond a mere library. It is also a music venue which has housed big names such as the Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire and MGMT. They also hold regular community events that raise everyone’s spirits in the area.

The Henry Miller Library does a fantastic job documenting the life of Henry Miller.  Being born in 1891 before the beatnik generation was birthed, Miller without a doubt helped to inspire that movement.

The Henry Miller Library was built by Emil White, who was an artist himself, but also Miller’s closest friend. Miller was quoted saying of Emil that he was “one of the few friends who has never failed me.” A great friend indeed!

After Miller’s death, Emil dedicated the house he had built as a memorial to Miller and a gallery where local artists could perform and show their work.  The rest is history.  Emil was director of the institution until he died in 1989.

Personal Experience

I unfortunately did not visit when anything was going on so I did not get to experience the stage lit up or the library at its best. Either or, this whole area is so breath-taking to me that I was still completely satisfied with my visit. I had not known of Henry Miller before visiting and so I have some researching to do about this allegedly great and inspiring man.


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