Laguna Beach Pirate Tower

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Pirate Tower hidden ca

Pirate Tower

2713 Victoria Dr,
Laguna Beach , CA 92651

33.520662, -117.764598

Hike: .10 (but parking is a pain and you’ll have to walk a bit no matter what)   Level: Easy

Entry point to beach: 33.519627435, -117.762749555

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

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Pirate Tower hidden ca

About the Laguna Beach Pirate Tower

Standing 60 ft. high, the Pirate Tower looks like something straight from a fairy tale or a thrilling adventure movie.  This mini castle was built in 1926  for William E. Brown, a state senator who most notably represented California’s 37th district.

This is a quick adventure, being a mere 5 minute hike from the shore.  The tower is majestic though and wonderfully photogenic.  Keep in mind that this spot can only be reached during low tide so check the tide charts before visiting.

This is also the same area where Goff Cove and Treasure Island Beach are, which are very scenic as well.  Make sure to visit them as well while you’re here!

The spiraling staircase tower served as a popular extension to his elaborate cliff-side home.  The home ws a summer/holiday home for Brown and his family. “The architecture of the house and tower are closely interwoven with the natural precipitous quality of the cliffs,” reads the report. “The style on both is outstanding.

The house rightfully serves as one of Laguna’s landmark homes.”  Brown is said to have also been a talented artist, largely drawing inspiration from the sea. 

In the early 1940s, Brown sold his home to a retired naval captain, Harold Kendrick.  Kendrick was quite fond of the home’s charm, being a pirate aficionado himself, and was said to dress in pirate attire and invite the neighborhood children over for games and stories of the  sea.

There would be scavenger hunts and gold coins hidden amongst the property.

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit the Niguel Botanical Preserve nearby!

Make sure to come here during low tide in order to ensure making it around the bend! 

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