Big Falls

Big Falls Trail

California 92339

Where to park: 36.420609, -116.846922   Waterfall: 34.085774, -116.895832

Hike: .7 miles out and back    Level: Easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes, but near the falls can be very dangerous   Kid-Friendly: Yes

In the charming town of Forest Falls lays one of the highest year-round waterfalls in all of Southern California: Big Falls.  The hike to the falls is under a mile and depending on what time you go, you may be in for a snow-filled adventure!

The waterfall is 500 ft. total broken into a series of cascades. Hikers are allowed to visit three tiers of the waterfall.  The highest point is now closed off to the public after a huge amount of people have fallen to their deaths.  One of the rocks is stained red due to so many people cracking their heads on it.

The other cascades are extremely enjoyable though and the views out here are beautiful.  I have been out here twice, both times being in winter, and it was truly a wonderland of an experience.

Although dogs are welcome on leash, I would not recommend bringing them as there is some scrambling involved and they could easily get swept away if they venture too close to the falls.