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Highways 1, 101 & 46

"He who seeks beauty will find it......"

Highways 1, 101 & 46

2 Cabrillo Hwy
Cambria, CA 93428
Phone: n/a
(35.527210, -121.044831 Intersections of Highway 1 & 46) (35.285448, -120.665442 Where Highway 1 & 101 merge)
Highways 1, 101 & 46 - 26 Jul
89° F 80° F

Light Rain

80° F

Personal Experience: I created this page to encourage you to take these scenic routes if you’re road-tripping up north. These highways are STUNNING and really help mold a beautiful, memorable vacation. A huge part of the journey is the drive. You might as well make it a gorgeous one!

We’ve always taken the Highway 101 to the 1, but this past trip we ended up taking the 46 after visiting the Eberle Winery. Totally worth the drive! Our jaws dropped the whole time. Photos cannot really do the scenery justice!

These photos were all taken over the course of several trips

Highway 46:


The rest of the photos are from the 1 & 101.  These are not in any order from most south onward, sorry!

Uh oh, he notices me!

We found this strange structure near Santa Cruz, still right off the 1:


We’ve slept on the side of the road in our car in Big Sur off of Highway 1.  It’s more common than you think and it was magical. 🙂



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