Hole-in-the-Wall Ring Trail

Hole-in-the-Wall Ring Trail

Trailhead address: Hole-in-the-Wall off Black Canyon Road, Mojave National Preserve, CA 92332
Trailhead coordinates: 35.0440, -115.3980 (35° 02′ 38.4″N 115° 23′ 52.8″W)

Hike: 1.5-mile loop   Level: Moderate but mostly easy

Dog-Friendly: Yes (be mindful of weather)    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Upon first glance, the Mojave desert appears to be a vast land filled with minimal thriving life nor a variety of things to do.  The secret spots require a little digging and knowledge.  Located off of Black Canyon Rd. lays one of the most majestic desert hikes I’ve ever done. The Mud Caves in the Azna Borrego Desert are a close competitor though if you’re into awe-inspiring desert beauty.

Hole-in-the-Wall Ring TrailThe unique formations you will come across were created by a volcano erupting millions of years ago.  The mixture of gas, wind and ash left behind the endless caves you will see.  Banshee Canyon, where the main formations are, is a narrow canyon that requires a little climbing.  Be mindful of this section if you plan on bringing dogs or small children. You will have to climb up some rings to ascend which may be a little tricky for some.

Personal Experience: What an exhilarating hike!  I felt like every step we were oohing and ahhing over the scenery.  It is so beautiful and unique! Apparently the name Banshee Canyon came from the cackling wails that blow through the canyon.  Just the name alone makes this area even more mysterious.

We visited this spot on our way home from Vegas.  No better way to reconnect with nature than after a smoke-filled weekend surrounded by millions of people!

Make sure your car is well-equipped for the drive because you’re heading into the middle of nowhere with no service!  We did not have 4-wheel drive, so it is possible to take a regular car out here.  Just be careful!  The shot below is paved, but it won’t always be that way:

The hike starts you off with a sheer vastness all around you! It’s pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re used to being surrounded by man-made material usually:

Pretty quick we began to come across some small wind caves!

We stumbled upon some pictographs too!  This was so exciting to find!

The caves got bigger the further into the hike:

Suddenly *boom* wind cave adventures were EVERYWHERE!  Talk about heaven!

Thank you mother nature for such a beautiful trip!

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