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Limekiln Waterfall

“Another glorious day. The air as delicious to the lungs as nectar to the tongue.”

Limekilns Waterfall

Big Sur, CA 93920
36.014144, -121.516879
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The Hike: Once you’ve parked, head east away from the ocean along the paved road through the campsites and into the redwoods.  Look out for a small, wooden bridge and marking showing the beginning of the trail.  There will be a sign pointing toward the waterfall trail.


History: The Rockland Lime and Lumber Company would load the towers of the kilns with limestone and use redwood lumber to stoke fires at their bases to purify the rock before it was hauled out of the canyon and down to the coast where ships were waiting. The lime was eventually used in cement and other products.

Personal Experience: Like all of the trails in Big Sur, you can expect some of the freshest air you’ll probably ever experience, lush redwood trees, canopies of shade and what feels like an elfin/fairy land. Everything is just so beautiful. Take your time. Try to spend several days AT LEAST in Big Sur if you can to really soak up the experience. It’s a pretty nice waterfall but I couldn’t get a good shot of it unfortunately. Judging from photos on other websites, this waterfall can get far larger than it is here. Go after a good rainfall.

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