Spirit Garden

Big Sur Spirit Garden

The Big Sur Spirit Garden has unfortunately gone out of business, but we will be keeping this page up in its memory

“The Big Sur Spirit Garden, founded by Jayson Fann, is an International Arts and Cultural Center located in the beautiful Big Sur valley between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

At the Spirit Garden, we provide world-class production, multi-cultural educational programs and artist booking for special events. The Spirit Garden venue is a magical setting with three outdoor stages decorated with colorful murals, tropical gardens, Spirit Nests, water features and sculptures. As a venue we offer a truly unique setting for any event, such as weddings, community gatherings, corporate events and birthday parties. The Spirit Garden has created outreach projects facilitating creative collaborations in Africa, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, India and many other countries. The aim of our programs is to ignite and celebrate creativity and cultural diversity.

The Spirit Garden is a truly unique performance space where art, culture and nature integrate into a single experience. We look forward to your visit.”


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Lisa Price said : Guest Report Mar 11, 2020 at 4:13 PM

Jayson, Your email has been hacked or is being used in phishing schemes having people check their godaddy webmail. I am going to alert godaddy, but wanted you to know.

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