Huntington Beach Painted Ladies

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313 21st St & 520 20th St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Note: The Painted Ladies are private residences so appreciate respectfully from the outside

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes


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Huntington Beach Painted Ladies

About the Huntington Beach Painted Ladies

When one thinks of Victorian ‘Painted Ladies’ the first homes that most often come to mind are the beautiful homes in San Francisco. There are many lovely Victorians all over California though (San Diego included) and Huntington Beach is no different!

On two streets a couple blocks from each other stand rows of OC’s very own Painted Ladies!

Orange County often gets a bad rep for cookie cutter tract homes.  That makes finding the truly unique homes even more exciting and when they’re easy to drive up to, even better!

It turns out these specific Victorians are not historical at all but instead inspired by the Victorian era.  They were built in the 1980’s but still have plenty of beautiful details to admire and loaded with charm!  Even better, they are very close to the beach making this a great day trip!

Please keep in mind that these are private residences so you must admire from the outside only.

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For good measure, this home is also nearby and I thought I’d include it in this article because it will most likely never get posted otherwise!

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