Magical Glamping in Idyllwild

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Magical Glamping in Idyllwild

Address given to guests only

Dog-Friendly: Yes  Kid-Friendly: Yes

AirBnb  949-306-4611

About Magical Glamping in Idyllwild

I truly did not know what I was getting myself into when I finally made the trek to Idyllwild to glamp for a night. In fact, I put this visit on the back-burner for 2 years!

Turns out this property has one of the best views in the entire town, high above the hills and clouds, over-looking the entire forest below. It was an indescribable beauty and stay.

I have slept in many amazing destinations in California and this was definitely one of the most beautiful of them all.  One that sadly my photographs cannot truly capture.  It is the kind of thing you must experience in person to really understand how special it is.

To get to the actual glamping site is an adventure in itself, so put on your hiking shoes!  Although the hike is only a few hundred feet, it’ll wind you above a babbling creek, canopied by trees along the uneven path.

Solar-powered lights illuminate the pathway at night so have no fear!  Make sure to always watch your footing though! There is also a hiking trail down to the creek below!  It’s quite steep but very peaceful!

The tent is facing the forest with a feeling of you on top of the world.  They have a telescope and binoculars provided to really take in your environment. The bed is SO comfy!

The bathroom is an experience in itself so make sure to take a shower no matter what! The bathroom has two doors which open allowing you to freely take an “outdoor” shower among nature. Since the water goes straight to the creek, the toiletries provided are all-natural ingredients.

The cooking deck is just as scenic. What an experience to cook with that type of view!

If cooking and sleeping with those views is not enough, definitely take advantage of their scenic hot tub!

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