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Ewoldsen Trail

“I am los­ing pre­cious days. I am degen­er­at­ing into a machine for mak­ing money.  I am learn­ing noth­ing in this triv­ial world of men. I must break away and get out into the moun­tains to learn the news.”

Ewoldsen Trail

HIghway 1
, CA 93920
36.160237, -121.668487
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Personal Experience: The Ewoldsen Trail consists of a 5 mile loop, every inch being packed with lush, green beauty. There are two waterfall trails: when you first enter the park you can head west toward the ocean and visit the McWay Falls or head northeast and do the Ewoldsen waterfall trail.  Both spots are recommended to see.  We did not do the 5.5 mile hike as we had 15 spots to hit up in 4 days (we did it!).  We took the quarter mile hike to the waterfall instead which was SUCH an enjoyable hike.  You can expect to hear the sound of birds chirping, the rushing of water from the stream and waterfall, scoping redwoods and greenery for as far as the eye can see, inhaling some of the freshest air you will probably ever inhale and a sense of peace. I read that there is “a challenging climb up a picturesque and forbiddingly steep canyon, and spectacular ocean and mountain views.”  If you have time, go for it! We parked across from the trails for free, otherwise I believe you’re paying $10 for parking.

Look for this sign then head down:

We parked across the street to avoid paying the $10 fee. You get a great view of McWay Falls from here!

Clovers almost as big as your hand!

There are bluebirds all over Big Sur:

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Loretta said : Guest Report Dec 04, 2017 at 10:16 PM

Picture of a bird that is blue - not a bluebird, looks more like a Starr's Jay or Stellar Jay!

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